• Italian Bruschetta (v) £4.85

    Homemade bread toasted and topped with chopped vines tomatoes,onions,garlic,fresh basil and olive oil.

  • Greek Bruschetta (v) £4.85

    Homemade bread toasted and topped with black olives tapenade, crumbed feta cheese ,oregano and olive oil.

  • Kalamata Pitted Olives & Fresh Bread (v) £5.95
  • Focaccia (v) £5.25

    With rosemary,garlic and salt.

  • Garlic bread with Tomato (v) £5.75
  • Garlic bread with Cheese (v) £5.95
  • Greek Mezze (v) (to share) £12.00

    Homemade tzatziki and hummus dips ,Kalamata olives,feta cheese,mini Greek salad,olive oil served with warm pittas bread.

  • Italian Antipasto (to share) £14.00

    Mixed Italian cured meats (Parma Ham,Mortadella,Salami Napoli),baby mozzarella,Parmesan cheese,artichoke hearts,sun dried tomatoes,olive oil and balsamic dip,served with fresh bread.


  • Goat Cheese (v) £7.50

    Goats cheese wrapped on filo pastry grilled on Josper served with tzatziki and basil pesto.

  • Dakos (V) £7.00

    Cretan Salad with vine tomatoes cucumber feta cheese black olives capers red onion garlic croutons extra virgin olive oil and oregano

  • Mozzarella (v) £5.95

    Traditional Naples bread-crumbled mozzarella cheese deep fried served with red onion chutney.

  • Halloumi Salad (v) £7.50

    Grilled halloumi cheese with marinated red peppers,mixed leaves,toasted pine nuts and olive oil.

  • Soup of The Day £5.50

    Homemade soup of the day

  • Grilled Wings on Josper £7.00

    Josper Grill smoked chicken wings with Mediterranean herbs garlic Himalayen pink salt and chilli bbq sauce

  • Meatballs £6.95

    Slow cooked meatballs served on garlic and chilli tomato sauce with fresh bread

  • Chorizo £7.50

    Spicy chorizo sausage with rosemary,garlic and red wine sauce.

  • Ribs on Josper £8.50

    Slow cooked spare ribs (pork) on Josper Grill with homemade sweet and spicy bbq sauce

  • Patè £6.50

    Homemade chicken liver patè served with red onion chutney,butter and fresh bread.

  • Calamari £6.50

    Deep fried squid with sea salt,lemon and tartare sauce.

  • Saganaki £8.75

    King Prawns saganaki with garlic chilli tomato sauce feta cheese and homemade bread

  • Guazetto £8.95

    Tuscan style cooked mixed seafood on spicy tomato sauce served with fresh bread.


  • Tagliatelle Caprino (V) £9.50

    With goats cheese roasted red peppers garlic toasted pine nuts green pesto and creamy tomato sauce

  • Spaghetti Gamberoni £10.95

    With peeled king prawns garlic chilli white wine parsley tomato sauce finished with extra virgin olive oil

  • Tagliatelle Carbonara £8.95

    With bacon crushed peppercorn parmesan cheese and creamy sauce

  • Tagliatelle Manzo £10.95

    Tagliatelle with grilled beef strips,touch of garlic,truffle oil,creamy sauce and Parmesan shaving.

  • Spaghetti Piccannte £9.50

    Spaghetti with spicy salami,tomato sauce and olive oil.

  • Spaghetti al Pesto (v) £8.50

    Spaghetti with basil pesto a touch of cream,rocket leaves and Parmesan shaving

  • Risotto Funghi £10.50

    Arborio rice with wild mushrooms garlic char-grilled chicken toasted pine nuts parmesan creamy sauce

  • Risotto Adriatico £12.95

    Arborio rice with king prawns scallop clams calamari garlic chilli white wine parsley and tomato sauce

  • Lasagna £9.95

    Traditional homemade lasagna.

  • Vegetarian Lasagna (V) £8.50

    Homemade vegetarian lasagna.


  • MARGHERITA (v) £8.00

    Tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil & extra virgin olive oil


    Tomato, mozzarella, peperoni, fresh chilli

  • PIZZA RUSTICA (V) £9.50

    Tomato, mozzarella, peppers, courgeTe, mushrooms, olives and extra virgin olive oil

  • PIZZA POLLO £10.50

    Tomato, mozzarella, grilled chicken strips, bacon & blue cheese


    Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, blue cheese, grilled beef strips, rocket leaves and parmesan shavings

  • MAKE YOUR OWN £8 + £1 per topping

    Pepperoni, peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions, chicken, capers, anchovies, meatball, ham, feta cheese, rocket leaves, jalapeños, Parma Ham.

Main Courses

All main courses are served with garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes and vegetables of the day

  • Lamb KleKiko £15.50

    Slow cooked Lamb shank with spiced rus1c vegetables and red wine rosemary sauce with garlic rosemary roasted potatoes

  • Pollo Funghi £13.95

    Chicken fillet with mushroom and creamy sauce with garlic rosemary roasted potatoes

  • Pollo Diana £13.95

    Chicken fillet cooked with mushrooms,shallots,brandy on creamy sauce.

  • Pollo Peppe £13.95

    Chicken fillet with peppercorn sauce with garlic rosemary roasted potatoes

  • Pollo Piccante £13.95

    Chicken fillet cooked with jalapenos, garlic, onions,red peppers on tomato sauce.


    Chateaubriand fillet of beef for two people served with rosemary, garlic, red wine sauce and roasted potatoes. Comes with your choice of one Garlic Bread and two desserts

  • Mixed Grill on Josper. Perfect to share for two people £32.00

    Lamb chops, mini beef burgers, chicken wings, Sardinian sausages, peppercorns sauce and garlic roasted potatoes. Comes with your choice of one Garlic Bread.

Side Orders

  • Fries £2.95
  • Fries Parmesan £3.50
  • Homemade Chips £3.50
  • Sweet Potato Fries £3.95
  • Spinach with garlic ,pine nuts and lemon £4.50
  • Tomato and onion salad £4.50
  • Greek Salad £5.25
  • Rocket Salad £5.00
  • Sautéed Mushrooms £4.00


  • Diane £2.95
  • Peppercorn £2.50
  • Blue cheese £2.50
  • Spicy Etna £2.95

    cherry tomatoes,hot chilli,red peppers,garlic,rosemary and red wine

  • Garlic butter and parsley £2.00
  • Chimichurri £2.50

    Argentinian traditional condiment for grilled meat

Josper Grill

  • Ribeye 310g/11oz £20.95

    With peppercorn sauce and garlic rosemary roasted potatoes

  • Fillet 285g/10oz £24.95

    With peppercorn sauce and garlic rosemary roasted potatoes (Limited availability)

  • T-Bone 450g/16oz £26.95

    With peppercorn sauce and garlic rosemary roasted potatoes (Limited availability)

  • TOMAHAWK 1150G/40OZ £46.00

    Perfect to share.*Ask for availability.

  • King Prawns £16.95

    King Prawns peeled and deveined grilled on Josper with garlic chilli served with rocket leaves,parsley sauce,lemon and olive oil.

  • Beef Burger £13.95

    Beef burger with tomatoes grilled onions melted mozzarella and fries

  • Chicken Burger £13.00

    Cajun chicken burger with crispy bacon,sliced tomatoes,melted mozzarella cheese and fries.

  • Lamb Burger £13.50

    Spicy Lamb Burger grilled on Josper served with sliced tomatoes, roasted garlic flavoured, Tzatziki dip, rocket leaves and fries.

  • Chicken Souvlakia £13.95

    Chicken skewer seasoned with Mediterranean herbs, peppers, courgette, onions served with Tzatziki dip, rocket leaves, lemon, warm pita bread and olive oil.

  • Lamb Souvlakia £14.95

    Lamb skewer seasoned with Mediterranean herbs, peppers, courgette, onions served with Tzatziki dip, rocket leaves, lemon, warm pita bread and olive oil.

  • Sirloin 340g/12oz £20.95
  • Venison 225g/8oz £17.95

    *Ask for availability.

  • Wild Boar 225g/8oz £19.95

    *Ask for availability.

  • Grilled Chicken £12.95

    Chicken fillet grilled and served with BBQ sauce, rocket leaves and lemon


    Fresh catch of the day will be on our Special Board because we try to serve only fresh fish.Special Board will be changed on daily or weekly basis.

Kids Menu

All dishes are served with fries

  • Margherita Pizza £5.00
  • Spaghetti Bolognese £5.00

    Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce

  • Chicken Nuggets £5.00
  • Lasagna £5.00
  • BBQ Chicken Fillet £5.00
  • Make your own Pizza Kid £1.00

    £1 each topping.

White Wine


    250ml £5.95 / 175ml £4.25 / 125ml £3.45
    Light straw in colour, fresh,citrus and apple flavours. Light in body with subtle mineral notes a crisp, refreshing finish. (vol.12%)


    250ml £6.70 / 175ml £4.75 / 125ml-£3.85
    Steely with a hint of gooseberry, text book zesty fresh. (12.5%)


    Herbaceus and grassy on the nose with tropical and gooseberry flavours on the palate (vol.12.5%)


    250ml-£6.50 / 175ml-£4.55 / 125ml-£3.70
    A delicate white wine,full of flavour with lots of tropical fruit and limes evident. A crisp and refreshing finish. (vol.13.5%)


    This exciting wine has a full and ripe yet elegant nose. Onthe palate,it is rich and firm,notable for a bright acidity (vol.13%)

  • GAVI DI GAVI – ITALY £25.95

    Fruity and aromatic with just a hint of mineral notes and a mauthwatering citrus finish (vol.13%)

  • PECORINO – ITALY £26.70

    Straw yellow.Nose is fresh and fruitywith clear notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Full bodied well structured with very good persistence and balance. (vol.13.5%)

  • ANGIMBE TERRE SICILIANE CUSUMANO – ITALY Insolia & Chardonnnay £28.95

    The wine has unique bouquet ranging from fresh flowers to ripe tropical fruits. Medium bodied with good intensity and a flamboyant finish. (vol.14%)

  • CHABLIS AC DDOL – FRANCE – Chardonnay £43.50

    Golden with green tints.Peach and anise on the nose. Full bodied with elegant long fruit on the palate. (vol.12.5%)

Red Wine

  • MERLOT - ITALY £15.95

    250ml-£5.95 / 175ml-£4.55 / 125ml-£3.45
    Luscious blackberries combine with damson to give an over whelming abundance of fruit content.(vol.12%)


    250ml-£5.95 / 175ml-£4.60 / 125ml-£3.60
    Explosive red cherry and blackberry fruit flavours are complimented by subtle notes of vanilla and tobacco (vol.12%)

  • CHIANTI-ITALY £21.50

    A ruby red medium intensity, the wine is of good freshness on the nose.Pleasurable and versatile in its flavours with a balanced acidity and tannins. (vol.13.5%)

  • RIOJA – SPAIN £21.95

    Fruity and floral aromas.On the palate,it is balanced and structured with long and balanced finish.Full of primary flavours where liquorish notes also appear. (vol.13.5%)


    Deep inky red.Rich on the nose with black and red berry fruit notes.Smooth and silky to taste with a well balanced and long pleasing finish. (vol.14%)

  • PRIMITIVO – ITALY £23.95

    Soft and smooth with jammy fruit notes af dried fig.Medium bodied with a pleasant,lingering finish of black berry and tobacco. (vol.13.5%)


    Harmonious and rounded with intense aromas of jammy fruits and juniper berries.Chunky and moreish packed with Sicilian sunshine. (vol.13.5%)


    Pronounced aromas of dark fruit and spices whith a nuance of smoke.Fruit flavours combine with herbs and spices for a medium to fullbodied wine. (vol.14%)


    Luminaus,intense ruby red.On the nose well ripened sour cherry.Lean dryness and tannins are balanced with alcohol and rounded fruit notes (vol.13%)

  • BAROLO – ITALY £47.50

    Intense nose of black pepper,black cherries and spices.Well balanced and expressive with young,ripe tannins and an intense,medium finish. (vol.14%)


    The deep ruby red colour of ripassa and the intense yet fine aromas come from mixture of grapes. It is full bodied,harmonic and velvety. (vol.14%)

  • AMARONE – ITALY £64.95

    Full bodied and velvety.Smooth with complex aromas of violets,raspberries and mint blossom. (vol.14%)

Rose and Sparkling


    250ml-£5.95 / 175ml-£4.25 / 125ml-£3.45
    Salmon pink colour.Aromatic notes of freshly crushed cranberries.Dry and light to taste.Delicious balance of citrus fruits and fruity red berry (vol.12%)


    250ml-£6.05 / 175ml-£4.40 / 125ml-£3.55
    Delightful wild berry aromas with a hint of melon and peach.Delicate,sweet flavours of ripe strawberries explode in the mouth, balanced by bright refreshing acidity (vol.10.5%)


    Pure and energised on the nose with gentile orachard fruit and fresh cream.Lovely soft texture,mildly sweet with a touch of peach (vol.11%)


    Stunning pink in colour with videt reflexes fruity on the nose with floral hints ,fresh and delicate with a very light perlage. (vol.10.50%)


    A world famous champagne.Rich and creamy with an explosion of citrus fruits and a delightful yeasty toastiness (vol.12%)


    One of the best rose champagnes.Soft strawberry fruit aromas,a soft biscuity mousse and a long finish. (vol.12%)

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Before you order your food and drinks please speak to a member of our team if you would like to know about our ingredients or for allergy information. Some fish dishes may contain bones. All dishes are subject to availability. Whilst we take every care to preserve the integrity of our vegetarian
products we must advise that they are handled in a kitchen using multi use kitchen environment.
(V) Denotes dishes which are vegetarian.
(VE) Denotes dishes which are vegan.
(GF) Denotes dishes which are gluten free.

Due to the presence of nuts in our restaurant there is a small possibility that nut traces may be found in any of our dishes.
All of our dishes contain celery, cereal containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs,
mustard, peanuts, sesame, soy beans, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, nuts, wheat and sodium metabisulphite.